Clear Bra is an invisible protective layer placed on the front end of your vehicle to protect the vehicle’s paint from the daily wear and tear of driving. Clear Bras are designed to maintain the brilliance of automotive paints but remain completely clear. Other options like a bug shields or leather bras are unattractive and may compromise your vehicle’s paint with drill holes or fasteners and may even cause paint chaffing. 

If you want GREAT QUALITY clear bra, this would be the place to go. PRECISE computer cut so it ACTUALLY fits your vehicle and no gap.
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Customized Protection

Using an advanced Computer Cut System allows the customer to pick and choose custom protection for any vehicle. You can choose from partial to full coverage or even individual pieces that you know need the most protection.


Q: Why is Clear Bra better than all the other protections?

A: Paint protection increases the value of the car when it comes time to resell it. Rocks, insects, and debris can significantly show wear on your paint job within a short period of time. This is particularly true in harsh winter areas where sand is poured on the roads for traction. Vinyl bras can catch dirt and debris between it and the hood causing scratches and discoloration. A properly installed clear bra can solve both of these problems.

Q: What is Clear Bra?

A: Basically, it is a relatively thick, pliable film that has a strong adhesive on one side and a chemical resistant layer on the other side. Once it is properly applied to the car's painted surface it become a shield protecting against rocks and debris thrown up by vehicles on the highway and bug splats keeping the paint underneath in perfect condition. An additional bonus is the material's nearly invisible protection, not changing the look of your car, like an ugly black vinyl bra or bug deflector.  

Q: I've never heard of it, Where did it come from?

A: The material was originally created to protect military jets and helicopters from damage due to sand during Operation Desert Storm. So, it has only been around for a relatively short time, but is very quickly becoming more popular.  

Q: Can the film be removed if needed?

A: Yes, Clear Bra film can be removed and replaced if damaged in some way or if it is starting to look rough after several years of protecting your car from the elements.

Q: How should I care for the Clear Bra once it is installed?

A: First, you should give it several days to finish drying before you wash the car. After that, treat it just like it wasn't there. When using a pressure washer, you should make sure to keep the nozzle at least 24" away from the Clear Bra, as 2000 psi of water can damage just about anything, and will damage the clear bra material. When waxing the car, wax right over the clear bra. You may notice a buildup of wax along the upper edge of the material, and a soft toothbrush works well to clean that edge.  

Q: What is the expected life of the film?

A: Our Clear Bra film has tested the film under adverse weather conditions over 4 years with no adverse effects. If a large stone where to hits the film at a high enough speed it will take a small nick out of the film. Over time, more and more nicks will accumulate and you may decide to go ahead and have the film replaced. If you spend a lot of time on the highway, the material may need to be replaced more often. Generally speaking, our film will be good for 5 to 10 years or more.  

Q: How long does it take to install?

A: This mainly depends on how much coverage you are looking for and the difficulty of the job. An average job takes about 5 hours. If more coverage is desired or custom work is necessary we will ask to keep the car over night to give us ample time to do a quality job.

Q: What parts can be protected by Clear Bra?


  • Hood
  • Fenders
  • Front Bumper
  • Side mirrors
  • Headlights/Fog lights
  • Roof edge  
  • Sides of roof/A pillars
  • Back bumper/Luggage area
  • Door handles/door cups
  • Tire-splash
  • Rocker Panels

Q: Will the film yellow over time?

A: It is natural for all urethane to discolor to some degree over time depending on how well the film is maintained, however our films have a built in UV inhibitor that will keep it from yellowing and UV damage.

Q: Do you have to order the Clear Bra kits?

A: No. We have a software program with up to date kits ready to be cut and installed.

Q: I don't like the line on the hood. Do you have a solutions?

A: Yes, on most vehicles we can cover the full hood, and fenders eliminating the line. We can also cover the entire vehicle if you wish to do so.

Q: I have an after market bumper, can you put Clear Bra on it?

A: Yes, it takes more time but it's no problem.

Q: Do I need to prep my car at all before installation?

A: We would greatly appreciate it if your vehicle is not covered in excessive dirt / debris. Otherwise, we will do the proper prep work to apply the Clear Bra.